Program introduction

Home improvement loans

Home improvement loans 

product advantages: flexible loans, including mortgage, pledge, surety bond or credit and the guarantees or partial guarantees

  needed submitted of information
1. borrowing people and spouse effective identity documents, and household proved, and marriage status proved
2. personal income proved, and as personal tax proved, and wage salary proved, and personal in business entity of dividends proved, and rent income, and in Bank has near 6 months of deposits, and bonds, and Fund of, average financial assets proved,
3. loan uses proved information. Including housing decoration contract, and commodity purchase and sale contract, and consumption deposit receipt and the other uses proved
4. used mortgage guarantees of, and needed provides mortgage property is proved original and the copies
5. used pledge guarantees of, needed provides meet Bank personal pledge loan provides of effective quality real proved
6. used credit or natural guarantee guarantees of, should provides meet Bank personal credit loan provides of borrowing people or guarantor related information
7. used meet guarantees and part guarantees of, In accordance with the requirements of different loans related information provided in conjunction with

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