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Years Bank loans rise sharply interest rates decreased slightly

loan company has learned from the number of bank branches in Guangzhou, this year since the year opened Head Office issued credit indicators are generally of a greater degree of rise, some branches even rising about 1 time.

lines increased structural change

loan company in Guangzhou, many new year credit bank branch level target has different degrees of increase. "Total credit limit assigned by the us this year from 2014 to increase by about 1 time. This is the incremental allocation last year, we released last year is in front on the full line of credit. "A nationwide joint-stock Bank Guangzhou Branch securities times official told reporters.

a branch of Guangzhou finance company, "said an increase compared with the previous year, to 50%. "A listed city commercial bank Shanghai Branch Vice President told reporters, although the total line of credit has not yet been issued, but due to the focus on customers repayment last month a great deal, so far this month credit lines are relatively well-off.

bankers told the Guangzhou finance company, target customers and credit this year different from in the past.

"in our branches, for example, agriculture-related loans increased by nearly 4 billion last year, an increase of about 45% last year in agriculture-related loans increase branch on the incremental public loans reached 50% per cent. "The stake Harbin branch President said other areas of public accounts for more government financing platforms, the traditional industrial loan growth.

said commodities declining, banks put more cautious in this area, but agriculture supported by national policies as well as the headquarters level, the most eye-catching performance.

"added added the decline in other areas of agriculture-related loans. "He said that government financing platforms in control this year, the Bank will also strengthen agriculture-related loans.

lending rate decreased slightly

banks interviewed said the rate cut impact by the end of last year, stock lending and increase loan rates are decreased.

"for us firms, customer financing costs are mainly in two aspects: first, the November rate cut benchmark interest rate fell 0.4%, decline in overall interest rate of bank loans to the public and, secondly, 2014 banks through refinancing and rediscount directional support micro and small farmers. In agriculture, for example, branch the following village Bank is assigned to about 50 million loans, interest rate is about 3.6% and rediscount scroll size there are a billion of the year, interest rates and lending again. "Shares branch executives said.

market competition and risk mentality at the Bank carefully interwoven. Preceding a major bank branch in Pudong to Guangzhou finance company says bank customers with high credit rating after the rate cuts will provide a competitive lending rates.

"but for other customers, will be considered for the actual operating and financial capacity, availability of suitable collateral, as well as industry, environment and other factors. "The source said.

monitoring according to the Bank's financial research center, currently published in the interbank market lending base rate indicator (LPR, which performed on the best customers of commercial banks ' lending rates) has gone from 5.51% 5.76% fell before the rate cut, which to some extent reflected the fact that a decline in market interest rates.


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