Program introduction

Canton mortgage loan to buy a House should pay attention to what issues?

, basic conditions 1 and borrower have stable jobs and incomes, good credit and ability to repay the loan principal and interest;

2, has signed a purchase contract with the company, according to personal credit, and have to pay a down-payment of the Bank, above the minimum for 20%;

3, Guangzhou loans based on the borrower's credit status, occupation, education level, and ability to repay, the purchase of housing, such as liquidity situation OK.

Second, required to provide the following information

1, buyers who purchase contracts with the company, 20% above receipts;

2, purchase a valid identity document, proof of marital status (marriage or single certificates);

3, the purchaser proof of income (Sales Office of the placing banks);

three General provisions, business

1, the loan period is generally 30 years in Guangzhou, and loan maturity date cannot exceed the borrower in principle (male) aged 65, (female), 55 years of age.

2, the interest rate for loans in Guangzhou people's Bank regulations. In case of statutory interest, for a period of 1 year or less, implementation of the contract rate, no sectional interest; for a period of 1 year or more, early the following year to implement new rates.

3 main repayment methods are divided into two parts, mortgage principal and interest, such as two, buyers are free to choose. Monthly repayment of principal, much less such as monthly repayment of principal and interest, monthly payment unchanged (interest rate changes).

four, the mortgage loan process

1, project group signed a purchase contract with buyers, according to the contract, pay the required down payment;

2, from the date of sale contracts signed within 5th contract registration application to the real estate market in the trading centre.

3, surrendered to the paid date of payment in the 7th House information provided meets the requirements of mortgage banks, apply directly to the company bank. Including: sale and purchase contract (registration), housing fund receipts, identity cards, marriage certificates, proof of income and banks need to provide other information.

4, and Guangzhou loan line on purchase households of the aspects situation and the procedures for survey, and review, and meet basic conditions of purchase people (including purchase people of wife) handle preliminary procedures, specific including borrowing applications, and common repayment statement, and commitment, and talk record, and borrowing contract, and IOU,; then purchase people in loan line open State deposits account or bank card, Bank reported superior line for approval.

5, application deadline is 7th. Over that period, docking with the Bank in a timely manner, informed the Department of marketing, problem solving, and actively assist the purchasers completed the loan, and stage of formalities of guarantee for mortgage banks in a timely manner.