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Guangzhou new year mortgage "little pine" Provident Fund or to wait two or three months

  in 2015, the House slave is pulled by most mortgage policy trends.

normally, Bank lending limits towards the end of the season tense, the floodgates early, whether the Provident Fund loans lending rate or the interest rate will tend to loose. However, after the new year's day this year, Guangzhou (REF) Bank lending policies have not changed much, can only be described as "little pine", even first-time buyers, most of them can only do benchmark interest rates, only minimum rate of 95 percent. Provident Fund loan limit is still tight, still have to queue for a loan.

"little pine": loan as low as 95 percent for the first time

current bank lending conditions, easing slightly. Among them, the three big state-owned banks benchmark interest rate loans available for the first time not to float policy and high quality applications that provide customers with a minimum of 95 percent of discount, and Guangzhou and Guangdong both banks are still proud to stick to floating interest rates, floating 10% and 20%, respectively.

Besides, Bank, Bank of China, agricultural Bank of China and at the same time for second-time home buyers made "friendly card", second mortgage down payments can be as low as 60%. And in terms of interest rates, "the common implementation of second homes on the market at the present stage of floating rate line at 10%, rising up to over 20%", staff of the Bank of China said.

banks, meanwhile, indicates that the lender has to pick up speed. Guangzhou more than bank lending rate is only within one month. Postal savings bank account managers is said "as long as everything prepared, about 2 weeks lending! "In addition, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank and China Everbright Bank also promises the fastest 3 week loan. From the time of first and second homes and loans status, there is no significant difference between the two, basically the same approval rate.

micro-love: Provident Fund or to wait two or three months

maximum advantage of Provident Fund loans are "low interest rate", 5 years of Provident Fund loans interest rate is 4.25%, while business lending interest rate is 6.15%. After the commercial release 95 percent off, calculated according to the Provident Fund loans to a maximum of 800,000 yuan in Guangzhou, 10 8185 for Provident Fund loans a month; 95 percent under rates 10 business loans monthly 8818, a difference of 700 Yuan. Decimal-afraid of the long term, of course, is Provident Fund worth, so buyers still can't give up provident funds.

However, the Provident Fund loans long wait is also gradually kill buyers ' enthusiasm, so in the current market for Provident Fund can only be "little love", some eager house buyers to give up provident fund schemes and defected to commercial lending arms. Especially after last December's heavy volume after the loan, Guangzhou Provident Fund loan approval to return to the "slow" status, the new loan application submitted at least 2-3 months.