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2015 3rd week analysis of Guangzhou preferential mortgage rates

, 3 banks cut interest rates 14 banks have preferential

last week 3 of the cut in the first rate banks respectively, Guangdong Development Bank, Bohai Bank and China CITIC Bank.

Guangdong Development Bank's first interest-rate benchmark floating 10% lowered the benchmark interest rate decline was larger, but attached strict conditions, off its customer loans total more than 3 million benchmark interest rates, hidden in a large number of buyers out.

compared in addition to Bohai Bank and CITIC Bank's cut interest rates even more. Bohai Bank-home loan interest rate by 95 percent to 92 percent, CITIC Bank by its benchmark rising 2% to benchmark interest rates, the two banks only to customers qualification requirements, not because of falling interest rates and the opportunity to raise the threshold.

as of last week (November 18), Guangzhou, a total of 14 banks to provide preferential rates, 11 of which provide 95 percent, led the mainstream of home loan interest rates.

top 10 lowest rate ranks second, Guangzhou: minimum 93 percent State-owned bank

because of the Bohai Bank will first rate dropped to 92 percent last week, its ranking has up to 10 ranks second lowest interest rate. Ranked in the top 10 lowest rate, industrial and commercial bank of China, the agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Bank of communications were regarded as such, apart from the restrictions are very strict Bank lending rate, the other four State-owned banks to customers qualification requirements. In fact, apart from the State-owned bank, other Bank Discount interest rates set by the threshold on gradually reducing, favorable interest rate conditions last year showed a significantly simplified trend.

III, distribution of first and second homes: 11 Bank 95 percent discount

in terms of first rate, Guangzhou 23 banks in the mortgage market, in addition to providing 88 percent, HSBC Bank of the Bohai Sea, 92 percent Construction Bank of China provided 93 percent, the 11 banks offer 95 percent preferential interest rates, led by the mainstream-home loan interest rates. In addition, there are 6 banks benchmark interest rates, 2 Bank's first interest rate benchmark floating 10%, 1 banks stopped lending.

in second homes, in addition to 1 bank interest rates as the benchmark rising 25%, 1 home interest rates for benchmark floating 20%, 1 Bank 15% and 1 floating outside the banks stopped lending, other 20 banks benchmark interest rate is floating by 10% second homes, accounted for 86.95%.