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Guangzhou Provident Fund loans six months refused to grant real estate the dark accumulation Fund loan

dark refused to fund loans and real estate of Guangzhou

after last December's brief volume after the loan into 2015, Guangzhou Provident Fund loan approval to return to the "slow" status, the new may take half a year or so before submitting a loan application approved. On the provident funds for home buyers, difficult problem of Provident Fund loans lending again.

Guangzhou real estate said it could not fund loans back to the slow, secretly joined the ranks refused to fund loans. Residents also expressed concern, fearing that Provident Fund loan approval in sight.

the investigation

"against public credit" means variety

last year began on November 1 of the clear provisions of the measures on the supervision of Guangzhou Municipality on House transactions, real estate companies refuse or restrict the buyer to use the housing accumulation Fund loan to pay a mortgage, real estate administrative departments be ordered to rectify, and fined 10,000 yuan fine, but Guangzhou finance company visits found , Ref rejected buyers on the sly use of Provident Fund loans remain. Although not bluntly refused to loan, but secretly set up obstacles.

Guangzhou finance company understand that market more "moderate" approach is to increase business loans and a one-time payment of concessions, public credit is implementing "zero discount." Is more common, qualified buyers granted a provident fund loans in a short time, if overdue to be granted must go into a business loan or a one-off payment, or as a buyer defaults.

haizhu district Yijing garden sales staff not to accept funds loans, because six months is hard to approved, faces much risk. In Huangpu district sea city officials say of goodwill, housing Provident Fund can only be used on opening day. Nansha star mountain Bay sales staff said, while accepting the Provident Fund loans, however, when it is unclear. If within six months and wound up must be turned into a commercial loan or a one-off payment, or as a buyer defaults. Sales personnel also told the loan company in Guangzhou Guangzhou time cloud images, acceptable to the Provident Fund loans approved within the three months, otherwise you will be asked to transfer credits.

the trend

of "commercial loans 95 percent" have gradually become the mainstream

branch of the ICBC loan Department staff revealed that at present, 95 percent discount is Guangzhou's first mainstream loans. Provident Fund loan approval for almost three months, slowly for more than six months while commercial loans a week or so will be able to have a trial, the fastest in two or three days may be granted. Recent monitoring data show that enter the 2015 Guangzhou army continues to grow 95 percent interest rate. Meanwhile, overall performance of the market dominated by loose Bank lending rate acceleration compared to last December, generally a month or so lenders. Guangzhou has more than 10 banks currently offer 95 percent discount, accounted for over 50%.

public loan does not have to "commercial loan"

public credit does not have to "commercial loan"

Provident Fund loans the most attractive because of lower interest rates, 5 year loan interest rate of 4.25%, and loan benchmark interest rate is 6.15%. To loan 500,000, duration 20 years, equal principal and interest repayment, credit commercial loans saves interest 127100 Yuan. But is, as a buyer, even qualify for the Provident Fund loans, but also prepares an interim loan to.

"can't afford to wait" public Provident Fund loans in a hurry to buy a House marry Liu Yang of nuts. "While rate cuts, public loans interest rate advantage is still quite visible. Our thousands of Yuan a month salary of course hoped public loans. "Liu Yang said," we heard that we should use Provident Fund loans, the seller was not sold me. Provident Fund approved, lenders now in sight, couldn't wait any longer, can only be turned with a commercial loan. "

analysis of

Developer financing harder to

insiders, cumbersome Provident Fund loans, if no improvement in lending time, refuse to accept property and will. Apart from the long waiting time, more important reason is that developer's own financing has become increasingly difficult. Recently, some developers lock houses were affected by the anti-corruption, affecting banks and trust financing to developers of credit rating evaluation, resulting in its financing more difficult. In that case, the developer of Provident Fund loans payment tolerance for slow natural decline.