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Mortgage a week: first 2 weeks the fastest quiet micro-cuts in interest rates lenders!

late last year, 930 new deal + central banks cut interest rates, making Guangzhou mortgage market to the worst offense last December hit, by contrast, 2015 years 1 month, Guangzhou housing has not been great sorrow or great joy, but overall is a policy easing trend stable micro-cut, Bank mortgage rate discounts, loans!
worth note of is, according to Guangzhou loan company not completely statistics, last week (January 20-January 27) Guangzhou 20 home Bank in the, Provident Fund loan still is "persistent" problem--queued number more, and round waiting slow, business loan is still has 13 home Bank adhere to first sets mortgage discount offers camp, which has 3 home Bank cut has bank interest rate, 4 Home Bank align said most fast 2 week can lending.

suite in quiet micro-cuts in interest rates

last week (January 20-January 27), HSBC, 88 percent still lead Guangzhou first mortgage rate, five rows with 95 percent were mainstream, can lead to hit 90 percent of Bank of China, BOC card And deposited 200,000 this discount you can become a VIP customer has always been to keep mortgage interest rates rising Guangzhou Bank and Guangdong Development Bank also made a rare concession: Bank from 10% to float to float in Guangzhou 5%, Guangdong Development Bank by 10 20% to float to float, and overall first mortgage rates have not dropped this week, micro-cut in peace.

loan loan fast 2 weeks

HSBC, agriculture, China and China Merchants Bank of 4 aligned position "commercial loan lender 2 weeks had the fastest time! "Line number limit lending less, waiting for a long time, slowly, asked about Provident Fund loans banks are saying" wait for the Provident Fund is not clear, it is not recommended, and now commercial loan discounts, choosing business credit is also pretty good. ”