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Can't get credit RIP in your fund? Guangzhou is considering discount loan!

 2014 years, Guangzhou's most drastic "seckill" ought to be a ball of Provident Fund loans per month. At yesterday afternoon's meeting of the national people's Congress, deputies of luogang, Guangzhou housing Provident Fund Management Centre budget in 2015. Xia Weibing revealed for the first time, Guangzhou housing Provident Fund Management Center Director, Guangzhou is considering lending to banks, provident Centre discount form, solve the problem of Provident Fund loans funding gap, which would bring the Gospel to the many needed families in Guangzhou. 800,000 Fund loan   years save 16,000 interest "provident funds are low interest loans to less than 70 percent of commercial loan interest, therefore save interest expenses are substantial. Guangzhou has about 400,000 households enjoy Provident Fund loans, dual-earner families apply for 800,000 loans saves interest about 16000 Yuan a year, 400,000 a year spending 1.8 billion yuan of interest. "The guards said. However, in 2014, the Guangzhou Provident Fund loans were met with an unprecedented "make ends meet" problem in place limiting credit policies, the Provident Fund loans is likely to be "kill". This situation is how broken? Summer guards explained that Guangzhou Provident Fund buying enthusiasm was high, while extracting policy loose in the big city, pay 2013 52.25 billion yuan, but the year after extraction, leaving more than 14 billion yuan loans. So 2014 will have less money to lend, and only loans. How to meet the needs of just need buyers, guards said a major plus in the summer, "we consider the subsidized loans, is lending by banks, Provident Fund Centre to discount, is being explored. "6ยท30 settlement  7 1 reserve best deal reserve Center, first thematic consideration of the people's Congress yesterday. "Our Provident Fund deposit, interest calculated? According to a current or fixed? 3 months or a year? "The national people's Congress Wang Yichu first to ask. Summer guards explained that according to regulations, an annual fund settlement on June 30. Previous year interest paid monthly Provident Fund in accordance with the current, while a year ago paid the lump sum is calculated based on the three-month time deposit interest rates. In recent years, Municipal Fund Centre annual interest payments of about 2.6 billion ~29 billion. Summer guards Court, if not in a hurry, better to run on after the July 1, will not lose interest. Calls for money to fund loan risk reveals "since we pay provident fund interest income should be everyone's. "The deputies questioned Zhao Chunping: provident fund interest income ownership there is no clearly defined? Summer guards said, units and individuals deposited Provident Fund principal personal, but the incremental benefit of deducting management fees and risk reserve, faces fiscal as affordable housing, public rental housing construction funds by 2013, turned over to the financial capital of about 2.3 billion yuan by the end. Zhao Chunping pressed on, and provident funds from the public, but gains a considerable part turned over to finance, "rights and obligations are consistent, genuine risk, risk financial rescue fund should be included in the articles. "The call for the presence of many other NPC deputies ' respond. SMS costs 3 million/year   micro letters than most people deposited Provident Fund each month will receive a reminder message. Fund Center every year to pay 3 million Yuan, a figure surprised deputies, attend the meeting of the provincial people's Congress Zhang songming says, "our business bulk SMS 2 cents a piece, to 6 cents a piece. "" We are ' financial tender '. "The guard answered. "Can be used and saved this money? "Zhang songming recommendations. "This proposal is a good one, but from the budget this year may not be implemented. "The guards said. What is subsidized loans? Refers to the Provident Fund loans into commercial loans, home buyers first commercial loan contract with the Bank, higher interest rate than provident fund interest rate for commercial loans, provident Centre subsidies to buyers the difference in interest rates.