Success stories

thaw credit

a famous Guangzhou company mainly engaged in medical equipment, agents for many famous brand in Guangdong region, its products mainly supply many large hospital in Guangzhou. Because the Hospital made settlement payments for a longer period, the company needed cash flow. We learned that the owner's properties in the Bank for a mortgage company, but has been mortgaged property is greatly appreciated, reference to the market price at that time, still has more than 5 million of the value of the property. In coordination with the Division, mortgage banks agreed to do the second mortgage of the property, we give for real estate the second charge loans, addresses the company's short-term cash flow needs.

      Fund range

in 2012, Mr a tea market in Guangzhou, wholesale tea business, due towards the end of, sources of supply and demand is quite high, Market of need also compared big, so Luo Mr on wants to prepared more buy some tea for from time to time just, let himself of supply sufficient some, can helpless of is, due to himself just into has a goods, temporarily also no sold to, led to himself funds chain some tension, so on wants to with to relatives or friends take of, didn't thought many business Shang of friends and he of idea is as of, and everyone also are is just into goods soon, no too more of cash, so, Luo Mr how also up not align this need of payment.

is the occasion of Mr worry, his friend suggested to him that the loan, solve the problem of the Fund chain. So, Mr speed in Guangzhou were found under the friend's introduction into financial services loan company, speed thaw lending professional guidance to submit relevant information to the company, for the Lo handle all the tedious formalities, Lo received the money they need at home. This amount would just add the need for Mr and brings more business profits for Mr.